​​Dixie High School

 Drivers Education

Q- Can I start and stop this exam?

A- Yes, there are four sections in this exam. Each section has 10 questions. You can stop after any completed section and come back to the next section at any time. However, you cannot stop in the middle of a section and come back to that same spot. You must first complete a section before resuming.

Q- I thought I already took a test to get my permit?

A- That is correct, however, this exam is in addition to the knowledge test you already completed. 

Q- How does the Driver License Division know that I completed this exam?

A- Once you have completed the exam with 100% you will be given a congratulations message and a link to a page with the certification number. At that time the Driver License Division is notified electronically and your driving record will be automatically updated. You may print your certification number for your records. 

Q- Do I have to take this exam before I can get my permanent license?

A- Yes, you must complete this exam online before you will be issued your permanent license. It is recommended that you complete this online exam before appearing at the same driver license office where you get your permit.

Q- Who do I contact if I run into problems while taking the exam?

A- You may call Utah Interactive Tech Support at 801-983-0275, or email at support@utah.gov with any problems. 



Q- Who is required to complete this exam?

A- All applicants applying for an original or provisional class D driver license who have never been licensed before in any US state, or country will be required to pass this additional knowledge exam prior to receiving their permanent license.

Q- How do I take the exam?

A- This exam is only available online and consists of questions covering driving safety topics and five major causes of traffic related deaths as identified by the Utah Highway Safety Office. The exam can be found at the following addresshttps://secure.utah.gov/dlexams

Q- What information will I need to provide to complete this exam?

A- You will need your permit number or driver license number, email address and date of birth.

Q- What if I have difficulties reading or understanding the exam?

A- You can be assisted and given help by anyone. We encourage you to use your resources to complete this exam.

Q- What score do I have to get to pass this exam?

A- It is required that you pass this exam with 100%. You can take this exam as many times as needed.