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​Getting your license

Here you will find steps that you need to take to get your license.

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Class Times and Dates

Here you will find the class time and dates for the 2021-2022 school year.

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Our Instructors

Here you will find all contact information for our Drivers Ed. instructors at Dixie High School. Read more

​​Dixie High School

 Drivers Education

Frequently Asked Questions ??

Question #1- What skills should I be practicing with my child when I drive with him/her?

Answer #1- Starting, stopping, turning, freeway driving, night driving, signaling, driving in construction sites, parking, parallel parking, parking on hills, driving in school zones, two and three point turns, u-turns, etc.

Question #2- Can my child take the class before he/she gets her/his permit?

Answer #2- No, it is required that your child has his/her permit before signing up for the online class. 

Question #3- If my child fails the driving test or permit test, can they take it again?

Answer #3- Yes, they can.

Question #4- How long does the class last?

Answer #4- Roughly about four weeks. But, your child can work on it and get it done earlier since it is online.