​Getting your license

Here you will find steps that you need to take to get your license.

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Class Times and Dates

Here you will find the class time and dates for the 2018-2019 school year. Read more


2018-2019 CLASS DATES 

(To see times and where, check the Class Time and Dates Page)

1st Quarter:

PM-  Aug. 21- Sept 18

AM- Sept. 19- Oct. 10

2nd Quarter

PM​- Oct. 16- Nov. 8

AM- Nov. 14- Dec. 7

3rd Quarter

PM​- Jan. 15- Feb. 7

AM- Feb. 13- March 8

4th Quarter

PM- March 19- April 11

AM- April 17- May 10

Dixie High School's Mission Statement:

To develop capable, caring, and contributing​

citizens who exemplify the school's historic motto:​

​"Pace deo a posse ad esse" -- from possibility to reality

Our instructors know that understanding the process of obtaining your child's license can be confusing. We hope that this site helps direct you, and help this process be a little easier. Just know that we are here to assist, but also, reserve the right to dismiss students from class for behavior, or lack of proper paperwork. There are many questions we get asked on a regular basis. Click the link to find these answers. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Drivers Ed. Questions?

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